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[01 Dec 2010|05:26pm]




Just a month ago, former mutants who'd received the shot to take their powers away began witnessing a return of their powers. Only these powers were ten times stronger than anything they'd felt before. Some were able to control themselves, but others were not so lucky. Now, with security and safety uncertain, it seems the wall between humans and mutants is rising up again.

Only days ago, and underground anti-mutant cell held its first official meeting. Tired of dealing with the mercurial habits of mutants, they have decided to retaliate against them. In just two weeks' time they will gather men and women from every walk of life, anyone who is willing to go in to Xavier's school with weapons drawn, and take as many mutants with them to hell as they can. Some are even mutants themselves, disgusted with what they may turn back into or have already returned to, and willing to strike a blow that could signify the ends of mutants.

This is a movie!canonverse game to start, but it won't stay that way for long. We’re staring this game off with a literal bang, and it’s only going to get better from there.

Game opens DECEMBER 17.
Most Wanted: Emma Frost, Sean Cassidy, EVERYONE!

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Cult TV Lounge - cult television of the 60s and 70s [12 Nov 2009|12:27pm]

In the 1960s the British gave the world the Beatles and mini-skirts, Swinging London and Carnaby Street. And some of the coolest TV series ever made. cult_tv_lounge is a community that celebrates those programs. Programs like The Avengers, Danger Man, Department S, The Prisoner, Captain Scarlet, The Champions, Thunderbirds and UFO.

We also talk about British shows of the 70s, like Callan, The Sweeney, Blakes 7 and Space: 1999 and some American shows as well, such as The Wild Wild West, I Spy and of course The Man from UNCLE. If you love these programs, then the place you need to be is the Cult TV Lounge.


[11 Oct 2009|10:35pm]


Welcome to Franklin County, New York

The Game


The Details

Friend Adder

Most Wanted

Personal Lines
All is peaceful here in Franklin County. Until the bombs. In this time of crisis, as sensible people become paranoid, personal agendas take over and well-kept secrets threaten to be revealed, some people will find an inner strength they never knew they had, and the most unlikely heroes will emerge. As a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, the town is thrown into a frenzy and police try to keep order in the face of the unthinkable. The fear and panic that begins to grip the town is palpable — each person dealing with it differently.

How would you react if you knew there was a nuclear strike not far from where you lived? You are cut off from the rest of the world, there is no new information coming in, and then the more immediate threat kicks in.

Were you safe at home? Were you driving, flying somewhere else? With the knowledge that you have your life and nothing else, what will you do? What side will you fight on when war inevitably breaks out?

The question is, where do you fall in this new world? Will you fight on honors side, or fight against everything you know to be right. The choice is yours. This is Franklin, a place survivors gather to try and rebuild.

Franklin County is unabashedly based on the plot of the ill-fated CBS show, Jericho. We do not claim any ownership to the premise, or any of the major plot points we hit. We're just fans. Nerdy fans who make no apologies.


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cult movies community [29 Mar 2009|09:15am]

cult_movie is a community for those who love cult movies – anything from 1940s B-movies to David Lynch, from 1950s schlock sci-fi to Russ Meyer, from Jess Franco’s horror films to Andy Warhol’s underground movies, from German horror movies of the 1920s to contemporary indie films, from 1970s lesbian vampire flicks to Ed Wood, from movies by independent film-makers like Derek Jarman to Harold and Maude, from 50s camp classics like The Bad Seed to 80s camp classics like The Lair of the White Worm, from 50s juvenile delinquent movies to 60s and 70s Eurotrash, from arthouse classics to drive-in classics. In fact we discuss pretty much anything that can be considered a cult movie. The only things we don’t discuss are slasher movies, modern horror gorefests and similar stuff. If you love off-beat movies check us out.


[26 Mar 2009|02:46pm]


Return to Avalon

The Game


The Details

Contacts/Friend Adder

Most Wanted

Game Lines
Personal Lines
It was the middle of the night in the United States, midday halfway around the world. The earth decided we were not taking care of her in the way she thought she needed to be cared for and was going to eradicate the problem herself. No one was expecting what would happen.

Tectonic plates shifted, all seven major and all of the minor. Massive earthquakes ripped through the globe toppling buildings deemed indestructible, igniting pockets of natural gasses, erupting long dormant volcanoes, causing tidal waves and tsunami's, and spreading craters in the ocean floor so grossly that entire blocks of land were swollen and lost to the deep before anyone had time to react. When all was said and done, only three hours later, the earth was no longer the same and never would be again.

Along with the destruction, something else happened, something quiet that no one has realized. A window to the past has been opened. It has been noticed on the other side, in a place of mist, magic, and chivalry. They have seen they can leave to enter this strange world but to step through to the other side is almost too frightening to chance.

But someone has chanced it.

The question is, where do you fall in this new world? Will you fight on honors side, or fight against everything you know to be right. The choice is yours. Think hard, and never forget your destiny could change...just by opening a door.

GAME BEGINS NOW!. Join today!!!!!!!!!

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[12 Jan 2009|06:34pm]
Do you have (or suspect that you have) an autism spectrum disorder and need help? Or maybe you know and love someone with an autism spectrum disorder and have questions about why they behave a certain way? Look no further than the brand-new advice column, "Ask Asperella: Practical Advice for Autistics". Asperella, a young woman diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, gives homegrown insight sprinkled with Christian values on anything and everything having to do with issues affecting those on the spectrum. All you have to do is visit her site and email her with your question, then check the site for an update containing the answer. Asperella updates daily, so you don't have to wait.

Give her a visit right now:

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cult movie community [06 Jan 2009|04:49pm]

cult movies communityCollapse )

[08 Sep 2008|01:45pm]


"hogwarts_elite is a school of witchcraft and wizardry reserved for only the finest students in the wizarding world. In order to become a member at such a prestigious institution, one must first prove his or her prowess in wizarding knowledge. Aspiring members must submit a sorting application at sorting_elite, which will not only determine what house they are best suited for, but whether they are worthy of this community at all."

Hogwarts Elite is not your average sorting community. We offer a wide variety of activities, games, and contests for the students after they’ve been sorted. Most of these opportunities also feature a point reward for your house when you participate. The house with the most points will be awarded the house cup at the end of term.

This term there's something different going on though. Hogwarts is at war. While new members will be sorted into houses, they will also be placed into one of ten teams to battle it out for the top spot this year. Each team is made up of 30 or so individuals so you get to know other HP fen and there's always a way to contribute.

If interested, do check it out!
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[18 May 2008|02:52am]

Click here to learn more.

[19 Mar 2008|06:30pm]


Glorified Size is a (new!) rating community celebrating beauty of all shapes and sizes. Big, small, medium, or in between, you're welcome here! Check out the profile page for more info.

*First 25 applicants eligible for auto acceptance to get the community going!
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Twilight City [21 Feb 2008|08:36pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Date Last Posted: First time post
Format: Journal (Insane Journal) and via IM messenger, preferably AIM
Genre: Preexisting/Original (Multi-fandom game in original, dystopic setting)
Name: Twilight City
Contacts: Dea: (AIM: dealiberty. EMAIL: dea.liberty (at) gmail.com) || Gray: (AIM: rainnyx. EMAIL: rainnyx (at) gmail.com) || Mands: (AIM: mandsangelfox. EMAIL: miranda.adelsberg (at) gmail.com) || Will: (AIM: estelwillow. EMAIL: willow1609 (at) gmail.com)
Website: Twilight City IC || Twilight City OOC
Minimum Age Requirement: 18 years and over
Deadline: None

More Information on the GameCollapse )

Interested?: Please take a moment to look at these links: The Rules|| Handy Guide || How It Works || Taken Characters || Occupations || The Application

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact the moderators.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
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look under the cut!!
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Hogwarts_Elite! [08 Aug 2007|10:11pm]

Attention all Harry Potter fans!

Just because Deathly Hallows is out doesn't mean the fun's over! Come and join us! See our Sorting community first and apply! sorting_elite

Fun and games and point winning abound!
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[07 Jul 2007|04:25pm]


.:::. Sword Society .:::.

The zanpakutou. A sword that is most certainly not a mere sword (unless you're Zaraki Kenpachi, perhaps). It is not only the shinigami's weapon, but it is also their partner, their talent, a friend who will not, cannot be separated from them.

When a shinigami wishes to speak to their partner, they enter into an inner world, empty save for the zanpakutou's manifested form. This, however, is a lonely place - and who wants to spend their whole lives shut up all alone like that? Certainly not the zanpakutou warriors.

When they are not directly interacting with their shinigami (or vizard) partners, they have a world of their own, one that mirrors Soul Society but is populated by a much more diverse crowd. Dragons rub shoulders with peacocks, baboons with bunnies, and more.
Welcome to Sword Society.

.:::. About The Game .:::.

Sword Society is a Bleach-based roleplaying game; unlike most games, where the shinigami and other human/human-like characters are the primary focus, here the zanpakutou take center stage. They live in a city not unlike the Court of Pure Souls, though of course with certain differences which accommodate the wide range of forms these beings may take.

They interact with each other, form friendships, alliances, enmities, feuds, and more, just like their bearers. When they wish to speak with their shinigami, or when their shinigami wish to speak with them, they simply vanish for a little while, returning when the conversation is done. Similarly, when called to fight (when their user is in shikai or bankai) they vanish and return at the end of the fight.

During fights or when in their shinigami's inner world, they can communicate with each other via a form of telepathy. For the most part, though, they simply interact face-to-face. The physical location of their bearers and/or their sealed blade forms does not have an effect on their position in Sword Society; while Rangiku and Haineko are in the living world, Haineko can still talk to Shinsou, even though Gin and Shinsou are in Hueco Mundo.

The zanpakutou keep journals about their interactions with their wielders - because they're a rather gossipy bunch, these journals are visible to everyone, and they can comment back and forth on them.

.:::. Information .:::.

Taken Zanpakutou | Reservations | Applications | Rules
Community | OOC

.:::. Wanted Characters .:::.

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Lots of Linkin Park Information for you! [28 Apr 2007|11:56pm]
Linkin Park – Talk to the Band
To talk to Linkin Park Text to 57441. (Yes, it's really them answering you!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
See Linkin Park On AOL.com!
See Linkin Park's exclusive live concert captured in New York City! The performance will be airing on AOL.com on Monday, May 14, from 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT. GO HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

This performance will also be shown in select theaters. To see if the show is being played at a location near you CHECK THIS SITE OUT
All you have to do is tape a simple 1-min clip of yourself, telling us why you would be a good host for LPTV. It doesn’t need to be fancy – just introduce yourself on-camera, and you could win a trip to be the host of LPTV at a Linkin Park show!
Get a recording device. You don’t need a camcorder! Just use your digital camera turned to the VIDEO function, or your video enabled cell phone!
In 1 minute of less, tell the band what you would be the best host of LPTV – there is no need to edit your clip!
Upload the clip to YouTube and add it to the LPTV Contest Group at http://www.youtube.com/group/lptvcontest
Register your entry via the official registry form at http://contest.warnerbrosrecords.com/LPTV (your clip cannot be selected without filing out the official entry form).
Don’t forget, you have until 11:59pm PST on Sunday, April 29 to upload your clip for your chance to win!
Grand Prize:
- A trip for the winner and one guest to attend a future Linkin Park show - includes flight and hotel accommodations.
- Chance to host an LPTV episode to be aired later on youtube.com/linkinparktv and LinkinPark.com
Two Runners-Up:
- 1 Signed Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight special edition CD/DVD album
Subject to Official Rules.
Click the banner to visit LP's website. :)

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I would like to plug my own journal [25 Jan 2007|02:07pm]

Please visit my journal, friends. I think you'll find my views sufficiently sardonic and my graphic novels great reading. Please visit website: http//landwaster.com for the funniest reading.
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Hogwarts Elite [02 Jan 2007|02:28am]

Hogwarts EliteCollapse )
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[12 Dec 2006|09:36am]


Reflex Stock

ReflexStock Community
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[08 Dec 2006|11:41am]

Check out this site http://www.reflexstock.com, its good for image searches and join the community… we’re hoping to organise submissions so check it out!

Reflex Stock ReflexStock CommunityCollapse )
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DADDY ZERO for the most original, unique and fun christmas gifts youll find anywhere! free shipping [02 Dec 2006|12:52pm]

got your christmas shopping done yet?


yeah, i didnt think so.

dont forget DADDY ZERO, this holiday season, where we guarantee you the most unique, most fun christmas presents anywhere on the planet!

things like......
lunch lady, jesus, albino bowler, barista, einstein and crazy cat lady action figures
tattooed, leopard print and huge red devil duckies
b movie horror victims play set
the smoking baby
nunzilla wind up toy
nun and catholic school girl salt and pepper shakers
living dead dolls
lots of bettie page stuff
candles, incense, jewelry
gargoyles and tarot cards
shag and coop cd cases
cigarette cases, flasks, lighters
stickers, patches
dvd movies

we also carry clothing, shoes and purses by...
lucky 13, sourpuss, accoutrements, mobtown, demonia, pleaser
folter, angry young and poor, dragonfly, tripp, fred perry
lip service, rock steady, unkl
(and alot more)

and, cause were cool like that...
we STILL ship for FREE anywhere in the united states!

(not to mention you get a whole crapload of free stuff when you order online)

for your one and only, kick ass underground shop thats so cool you want to puke...

click here
6605 n. florida ave

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