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Date Last Posted: First time post
Format: Journal (Insane Journal) and via IM messenger, preferably AIM
Genre: Preexisting/Original (Multi-fandom game in original, dystopic setting)
Name: Twilight City
Contacts: Dea: (AIM: dealiberty. EMAIL: dea.liberty (at) || Gray: (AIM: rainnyx. EMAIL: rainnyx (at) || Mands: (AIM: mandsangelfox. EMAIL: miranda.adelsberg (at) || Will: (AIM: estelwillow. EMAIL: willow1609 (at)
Website: Twilight City IC || Twilight City OOC
Minimum Age Requirement: 18 years and over
Deadline: None

Specific Requirements: Looking for people able to keep involved in game at least once a month, through both character journal and roleplay. Applicants must be able to roleplay via thread and through instant messenger, preferably AIM.

Game Description: After a devastating nuclear war almost destroys the world, only pockets of civilization remain – literally. Cities exist encased in glass domes, protected from the Outside, where Mother Nature has taken back the land and begun her work, with forestation slowly creeping back over the nuclear wasteland.

The Dome, and all the others like it around the world, had been put into place decades earlier, when the war began to spread, and has been the only protection people have had from the nuclear fallout that followed. Anything outside the dome was inevitably contaminated and mutated beyond all human understanding. Outside the Dome, even the air is barely breathable and the threat of the monsters – everything unfortunate enough to have been left outside when the signal to flee went out – is too great for citizens of the State to venture out.

The privilege of being alive, of being a citizen of the State still human and living inside the Dome, however, came at a cost: their identity. It wasn’t, however, one too great for the opportunity to stay alive. The State wiped away the past in order to make sure this kind of war never began again, wiped everyone’s memories in order to assure that peace will reign supreme in society. They replaced individualism with community spirit and created a society in which the whole was of more importance than anything else.

Without anything more than numbers as an identity, there was no competition, no stupid attachments such as love or hate or anything of the sort that might disrupt the peaceful existence within the Dome. Any sign of what these strong emotions are seen as an illness and must be treated immediately because they are dangerous – they were the cause of the last war.

And so, life goes on. Everyone remembers only this life, nothing before. The only goal is the betterment of the community, good service to the society – to be one of the masses rather than just One. It is all anyone wants – all anyone knows to want.

Until now.

Around the city, a small resistance is building. People have begun to wake up, to remember who they are – and they don’t want to be cured.

Welcome to Twilight City, where the world is only just coming back to life.

Interested?: Please take a moment to look at these links: The Rules|| Handy Guide || How It Works || Taken Characters || Occupations || The Application

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact the moderators.
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