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Promote anything at all here.
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The rules as of right now:

1) All promos must be public entries.

2) You may advertise anything you'd like. Your website, how cool or in need of friends you are, your community, anything. It does not have to be related to livejournal. It doesn't have to be related to anything, really.

3) No harassing anyone.

4) If you are promoting an LJ community, rather than something else, put it under an LJ cut. If people are looking specifically for comms, they'll know to look for the lj-cuts. LJ Comm promos that aren't under a cut will be deleted.

5) If what you are promoting is pornography, or anything of the like, you must put it under a cut, declaring it inappropriate for youngsters.

6) No one cares if you swear. Just don't use it against anyone and try not to be offensive.